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How To Enhance Smaller Eyes

You don't have to be any magician to create flawless illusions. As a former model I picked up all sorts of little tricks from the various make-up artists I worked with. They would say their most often used trick in their magic bags is to "use the powers of light and dark to illuminate the good and hide the bad". Such drama queens they are. But they are true goddesses of illusion.

What you will require for this little exercise is:

Dark brown or black pencil or liquid eyeliner
White pencil or liquid eyeliner
Lash curler
Mascara (brown-black, black or charcoal)
Light frost eye shadow
Medium color matte eye shadow

Always apply eye shadow first before liner or mascara. Brush a light frost eye shadow on the brow just under the eyebrow. I like to use yellow. (Only use gold or white if you are going out at night because it comes off as a little harsh.) The yellow really opens up the eyes and it makes me glow. For a little added glamour, or as I call it my sly sexy look, I dab a bit on the inner corners of my eyes (and maybe a dab on the highest point in my cheekbone!). Take the medium color matte eye shadow and sweep it on the outer half of the eyelid for contour. If you wish to use dark eye shadow, use it only in the outside corner area and sparingly. Remember, dark hides and shrinks.

Next the liner. Start with a fine line from the inner corner of your eye as close as you can get to your eyelash. As you past the midway point of your eyelid, make the line thicker. Extend your liner beyond the corner of your eye a little to open your eye. This will make your lashes look thicker and longer. For even more of an open-eye look, line the inside rim of your lower eye with white liner. Never completely surround your eyes in a dark liner if you have small eyes; this is counterproductive. One makeup artist did this to me once. And I do mean only once.

And finally for lush luxurious lashes, curl them. Then the mascara. Apply one coat on your eyelashes. Wait a few minutes to see the effect. Then apply second or a third coat to darken your eyelashes more. This will make your eyes look larger as well.

Use lighter shades of eye shadow or a slight shimmer on your lid to really open your eyes, and also use an iridescent highlighter under your brow.

We use the dark to diminish and light to enhance. These are a few tricks that can create the illusion of having bigger eyes.

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