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How Essential Oils Can Help Your Dry Skin

Essentials oils are liquids that are derived essential from plants extracts such as vegetable and nut oil. It's manufactured through the process of distillation or cold pressing. And because these oils can be very potent, most essentials oils are used only in diluted form. In fact, a few tiny droplets of 5-8 drops is sufficient to create therapeutic if used regularly, especially if you faces skin problems like dry skin.

Here's how essentials oils can help your dry skin:

1. Essential oil has very good penetration properties as it's made up of tiny molecules. These small molecules are able to pass through quickly and deeply into our skin dermis. From there, the body absorb these molecules into the blood stream.

2. Because of it's capability to penetrate into the inner dermis, the essential oil help to boost the skin's circulation and prevent against any possible skin infection and keep your skin moist.

3. But generally, most skin experts agreed that the most beneficial aspect of essential oils is that it can help to stimulate further skin's cell development, which can replaced older and duller skin cells.

Here are some suitable essential oils for dry skin:

a. Gotu Kola
b. Organic Hops
c. Nettle
d. Geranium Essential Oil
e. Rose Essential Oil
f. Avocado
g. Rose hip Seed Oil

However, before you delve straight in to purchase hordes of essentials oils to add to your skin care kit, you need to note that most essentials oils comes in several distinctive aroma. And because you will be lavishing them on your body, it's best to select a milder fragrance that is acceptable to you and those around you.

After you bought these essential oils, remember to stored them in a cool place and make sure it's tightly lid at all times. This is to prevent oxidation which can result in these essential oils lose it's healing properties.

Jerrick is the author of Dry Skin Care Guide.com - a self-help site for skin care sufferers.For more dry skin remedies, recipes, treatments and suitable dry skin products for your use, visit his website at http://www.dry-skin-care-guide.com
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