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Taking Care Of Oily Hair

Oily hair is something that is often thought to be a temporary condition of puberty. Many adults deal with oily hair too, however.

The oil in hair is produced by glands. This oil is called sebum. Sebum naturally moisturizes our heads and our hair draws the oil from the scalp down into our locks and tresses as well. In adolescence it is common for the sebaceous glands to produce excess amounts of oil and this is what gives teenagers the greasy hair that is so often a plague among this sensitive group.

Some people carry this excess oil production into their adult lives as well, and for both teenagers and adults a solution to oily hair can be a little difficult to find.

Many people find the need to wash their hair more than one time a day and even to apply shampoo more than one time per wash in order to clean up the oil properly. Having to take the time to wash your hair a couple times a day is not so easy to do for most people who live busy lives though. Using hair products that are designed specifically for oily hair is a definite step in the right direction.

These hair products will help strip the excess oil from the scalp and hair better than a shampoo that is labelled to be used on normal hair. A person with oily hair should never use a shampoo designed for dry hair because it can make their hair very heavy and look like they never washed it at all!

People with oily hair may encounter some problems as well when their hair has been damaged from perms, colour, and styling. They may find that while they still have their oily scalp and top of their hair, the ends may become dry, damaged and frizzy. This seems like a complete disaster, but there are solutions for such cases as well.

If you can afford to go to a salon, your hair care professional can help you decide on a treatment that can help, such as an intense conditioning on the ends only that will not weigh down the top part of your hair. There are many intense conditioning formulas out there over the counter as well and you can use them at home. Just be sure to only apply them to the ends of your hair.

A few natural remedies for oily hair may help a little as well. It is said that a lemon juice rinse on the scalp after shampooing and rinsing can help balance the scalp. It is also said that mixing some Epsom salts into shampoo can do the same.

Again, your hairdressing professional could be your very best friend in this matter. Not only can they let you know of any great new products on the market that can help combat oily hair, they can also suggest some cuts and styles that suit your type of hair in a way that can possibly reduce the appearance of an oily scalp or draw attention away from the scalp and focus more on other parts of the hair.

For anyone who finds it necessary to wash their hair more than twice a day to combat oily hair, they may want to check with their physician as well. Perhaps there is a medical issue in play that can be helped by a knowledgeable person. On your next regular visit to the doctor, why not ask about it?

Oily hair is not an easy thing to live with but with a little help from your hairstylist, oily hair shampoos and maybe your doctor, it too can be something that is manageable.

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