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Basic Tips on Approaching Women

A lot of men can say quite truthfully that approaching women can be a very difficult task. There's nothing like having the feeling of knots in your stomach as you inch over to the woman of your dreams. This is not an isolated case. Most men will experience this with varying degrees of intensity at least once in their lives.

The truth is, some men may be afraid of approaching women simply because they fear rejection. The first and most basic step therefore in approaching women is to understand that rejection is a normal part of the game of seduction. Approaching women will become much easier once you consciously accept this truth. The following are great tips for beginners who may still be at the first stages of learning the skills of approaching women.

Use Clean and Natural Humor

This tip is so obvious and so effective that it's a miracle it hasn't yet received its own star on the walk of fame. Approaching women with an ounce of humor is guaranteed to win her over. It is crucial to understand however, that you should only use humor in approaching women if you are a natural at it. You may also use humor if you've practiced enough with friends who'll guarantee that you're funny enough already. Never try to be funny if you suck at it or if you are too drunk to mind what you are saying. More than anything else, do not try to make seemingly humorous racial, religious or gender remarks in approaching women. Comments like those are absolutely not funny.

Use the "I Can't See You" Strategy

Some women just can't stand their sense of curiosity. It is a good idea then to exploit this curious streak in approaching women. Pretend as if you don't see her while subtly inching closer to her. You can stop just a few paces from her and even let her hear what you're saying to a common friend or the bartender. Sooner or later, you'll sense that she's getting more and more curious about you. When you get the feeling that she's looking at you, casually turn to her and say "Hi."

Read the Signals Then Approach

Approaching women can also be a very direct procedure. It is usually all right to be direct in approaching women if you know that she's also a little interested in you. This is the opposite of the "ignore" approach but may also be effective in some cases. You can start by picking up a conversation with the bartender or the guy beside you and throwing occasional glances at your dream girl. Most women have the sixth sense and are not insensitive. They'll pick up your signal and look your way too and maybe even give you a smile. When women give you such a signal, your task of approaching women will be fairly easy then. You just have to march right down her way and start talking funny sense.

Flirt a Little

Approaching women by flirting is also a good way to go. It may be true that insufferable flirts not only find approaching women easy, but they also find approaching women more fun and less of a traumatic experience. Start with a smile or even a barely visible wink and then start talking about finally being blessed with a vision of a muse. She'll either blush at the compliment or understand that you're up for a flirting session.

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