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The Danger of Online Dating

The danger of online dating as a title sounds very off putting. Online dating can in fact be a great option as our lives become more hectic, however it is important to realize that online dating can also have possible downsides. With common sense, these dangers can be alleviated.

If you are looking for a prospective partner the process of meeting somebody is not always easy. Today more and more people are turning to the internet and online dating services to search for that elusive person to have a relationship with.

The internet provides us with millions of people to choose from as we are not limited to our own community. We can search for the perfect date all over the world. The challenge may come when it is time to meet the prospective partner or date if they live on the other side of the world but as the saying goes, "love will find a way".

There are of course issues in online dating in that need to be aware of. For example, there is a well documented case which happened back in 2005 involving an American man. He was tricked into paying out $40,000 in supposed medical expenses for his internet date in Russia. He was the victim of a very well organized scam. He had been conversing with his online date for several months with no suspicions whatsoever and it was only when he planned on visiting his date that the scam was put into place. He did eventually manage to get some of his money back but only after spending more to hire private investigators.

How do you avoid some of these online dating dangers?

Firstly use common sense. Does the prospective date appear almost too perfect to be true? This may very well be the case. Check out the others details as thoroughly as possible and if you know anyone who may live in the vicinity of the date, get them to check also. We don't mean to spy on people but just check what you can. Maybe they already have a partner and are only looking for a casual relationship?

Engage the online date in a conversation via the message service. This way you can possibly pick up on anything that does not seem right. It is not as good as an actual voice conversation but it is a start. Later you should of course speak to the date and then eventually meet them.

If you do get to the point of actually meeting up with the date there are several steps that you should follow for your own protection and if the other person doesn't agree to taking the same steps, you should probably be suspicious of their motives.

It is advisable to meet in a public place and preferably during daylight hours. What a great idea to meet for lunch at a nice cafe or restaurant.

Let someone else know where you are going to be and what time you expect to be home. If things work out really well with your date you can always ring your friend and let then know if you are going to be late.

Let your date know what you will be wearing or have some other distinctive way that will allow them to recognize you. This should not be necessary if the profile on the online dating service included a photo.

While you are on the date relax and be yourself and also let your prospective partner relax and express him or herself. It may of course start off a little awkwardly but if you both relax this initial reticence will disappear.

Follow these basic rules and you will overcome some of the potential negatives of online dating and meet the partner of your dreams!

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