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A Fun Question to Ask on the First Date

As you probably know by now, your first date with a woman can be really stressful! During your date, it's important to make things fun and exciting. Otherwise, you have little chance of creating attraction which leads to seduction

So how do you make a great first date?

Well, it starts with your conversation!

The conversation on your first date is the best way to create attraction and an emotional connection. When you have a great discussion with a woman, you'll be able to transition into other attraction building techniques.

Now the one mistake guys make is to ask 'interview' type questions. These are questions which discuss her job or her home town. While this information is important, it does nothing to build attraction.

Women aren't on a date to exchange information, they're there to find out if there is an attraction to you. So your goal is to steer the conversation towards topics which stimulate attraction.

Instead of asking interview questions, you should try to talk about fun things. This means you have to ask questions which are exciting and interesting instead of things which will put her to sleep.

From my experience, one of the best questions to ask a woman is about the things she likes to do for fun.

Why should you ask this question?

Well, by asking about her hobbies, you're making a connection to something she feels passionate about. In addition, when you talk about fun things, she'll start to subconsciously think you're probably an interesting guy.

So if you want to make things fun on the first date, start talking about things she finds interesting.

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