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Deadly Dating Mistakes that Most Guys Make, and How You can Avoid Making Them Again!

In this article, I am going to highlight some of the deadly dating mistakes that most guys make which cost them their dream girls. Dating mistakes can instantly kill a blossom relationship, therefore it is extremely important to know what they are and do not make the same mistakes.

1. Do not lie. Trust is the basic foundation of a solid relationship. Once you lie once, you will have to come out with a second lie to cover your first lie, and this will go on forever and affect your relationship badly.

2. Have mutual respect for one another. Understand and respect her feeling. Sometimes women will become moody very easily because of periods, so try to understand them. The most successful dating relationships are always centered on people who always put their date's feeling above their own.

3. Always have open communication. Even when it comes to having conflicts with her, have a frank and open discussion without losing your temper easily. All problems have solutions. Work something out with her and do not let it affect your relationship.

4. Do not always expect something in return. In a successful relationship, there is no score to be kept. Do not expect something back from her if you have done something really nice for her at the beginning.

5. Do not expect too much. Do not put high standards and expect her to suit the targets that you have set for the relationships.

Dating mistakes can and will break a relationships. Bear the 5 points above in mind. Remember, the key to successful relationship is Understanding. By understanding each other, I seriously believed that nothing can stop both of you from maintaining a strong, lasting and solid relationship.

Crid Lee is the webmaster of http://www.WhyWomenPlayHardToGet.com , providing insight and advice on relationships and courtships. Visit http://www.whywomenplayhardtoget.com for more information. Crid Lee also has a blog where he shares his insights and advices on dating, relationship and romance issues. Do visit http://allaboutdatingandromance.blogspot.com for more information.Please feel free to republish this article on your website, or distribute it to your friends or clients, as long as you leave the above resource box intact.
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