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How to Attract Guys 101

Want to know how to attract guys? Then you have come to the right place. At "How to Attract Guys 101," we will start you on the right path so you can get right into the dating scene!

1. Be Yourself!

The best thing to know about how to attract guys? They like women who are not trying to be OTHER women. This means you have to know who you are before you can learn how to attract guys. If the reflection in your mirror is a mystery to you, it is high time to find out who you really are. Read some self-help books, go on a vision quest, take a weekend vacation alone. Do whatever you need to in order to better understand the "you" inside.

2. Be Positive!

Optimism is highly contagious, and people like to be around others who are positive. Therefore, putting a smile on your face is a large part of learning how to attract guys. Even if you are sick, have a grin. Even if times are tough for you, avoid complaining on a routine basis. Even if the guy you are dating is a dud, treat him nicely (but be straightforward and honest when letting him go.) Common courtesy is definitely IN STYLE.

3. Be Healthy!

You do not have to be a size 2 before you can attempt to date. In fact, many men prefer women who have natural curves. However, it is in your best interest to take care of your body and mind as a part of learning how to attract guys. Why? It is simple. If you feel good, you will act more pleasant and you will be more likely to seem approachable to the shy fellow who is not certain if he should ask you out. Even if you are plus-sized, you can be healthy. Avoid fast foods, do not consume too much alcohol, try meditation, stop smoking... each of these elements will help you become a healthier individual.

4. Be Patient!

Yes, we all want to know how to attract guys right now... and we want our approaches to work right away. But it is time to be patient. The best guy for you will not come down the pike just because you are ready. You may have to exercise some major patience. Just know that there is someone out there who will make your world a snazzier place. He just may be running a few minutes late...

5. Be Fashionable!

We're not suggesting that you need to look like someone who stepped out of the advertorial pages of "Vogue" or "Cosmo", but you do need to dress in up-to-date ways if you are serious about learning how to attract guys. Ditch the beehive hairstyle. Allow your eyebrows to grow in naturally - pencil thin ones are out. Rid your wardrobe of anything you have not worn in one or two years. Remember - you are "selling" yourself, so put your most haute coiture shoe forward!

Leng Chun Hung writes essential and practical tips for people struggling to find partners. Click here to found out more on how to attract guysFind out more online dating tips and issues
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