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Pick Up Lines Dont Work


You may be ordering your coffee in the morning, walking down a busy street or waiting in line for a bus, then we see an attractive woman who we would like to strike a conversation with, however most of us (men) get stumped at this point and think "What Do I Say" and the words never seem to make it out.

After much anticipation and being hassled non-stop we've decided to let you in on our secrets to getting phone numbers from attractive women during the day.

Read carefully and then re-read as this may be the most important letter you read this year, and here is why…

Most of us are in this very situation on a Day-To-Day Basis perhaps several times throughout the day. Imagine being able to approach any attractive woman during the day, strike up an interesting conversation and confidently pull out your phone out and get her number.

Here it is…

1. STOP THEM: If they are walking down the street perhaps in the opposite direction you must first stop them, the best way to do this is ask them for directions to a nearby street or café.

Once they give their answer change the conversation thread simply by "Actually while we're talking let me ask you for your quick opinion…Would you ever date a guy who still sleeps with his childhood memory like a teddy bear"?

This is a great way to transition into another subject that interests women, some other great topics are:

• Fashion
• Gossip
• Celebrities
• Social Dynamics - Men/Women

A good idea would be to read current women's magazines and see what the media is talking about, as this is what women are interested in knowing about.

2. STORYTELLING: This is an art form in its own right, telling stories is a very attractive trait to have and can make you very sociable. Have you ever noticed that most social butterflies have a knack for telling stories?

As humans we are socially conditioned to be interested in stories and most of us are captivated by a good story, so here are the ingredients to a good story:

• Lead In - (Hook them) "You are not going to believe what just happened to me..."
• Body - The actual story
• Conclusion - (Make the audience laugh or teach them something)

3. ESTABLISH COMONALITIES: Find out where she likes to go out, what she enjoys doing and find some mutual activities that you both enjoy (where you can go together). Be genuine and honest. If you both have nothing in common it doesn't matter you can still have heaps of fun, however it'll be a great pretext to meet up on another day to do an activity that you both like, or meet at a cool café or bar.

CLOSE: Now comes the time where you must not hesitate or all is lost. Women seek out confident men that know what they want and go after it no matter the risk. If you want to get to know her better you should bear the brunt and go for the phone number.

Me: "I like you…Actually what are you doing tomorrow night?..."
Girl: I have no plans
Me: "Great I'm heading out to this cool café in the city, you should tag along it'll be fun… Enter your digits and I'll sms you the details"

This is a little sneaky as you don't ask for her phone number directly, if you did you would set of alarm bells and she would say no without hesitation. However using "Digits" and "SMS" is a lot less confronting.

Have you enjoyed these great tips? Would you like to know more?

Every weekend we hold our live workshops around Australia. Imagine being able to confidently approach any attractive woman in the bar, have an interesting conversation and get her phone number, what would that mean to you?

This is your life we're talking about here so take action now and start dating more women.

In your corner,

Alex Coulson
Australia's Leading Dating & Attraction Coach
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