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8 Secret Flirting Signs You Must Learn Now

Looking for signs of flirting from a woman can be a challenge for many guys.

If you're like me, then you've probably found that it's hard to detect which women are using their body language to flirt with you. By being able to pick up on these subtle cues, you'll know if you're able to approach a woman and get her number.

Once you 're able to detect these hidden signals, you'll be able to increase your attraction and seduction techniques. In fact, there are 8 core signs of flirting which almost ALL women give off which show a high level of attraction and interest in you…

Flirting Sign #1- She's having TOO good of a time

One way a woman flirts is when she looks like she's having too good of a time with her friends. Whenever you see a woman laughing and joking, but constantly looking in your direction, you're being sent a clue that she wants you to see her as a fun person.

By acting in a gregarious and fun manner, she's trying to let you know that she's a fun person.

Flirting Sign #2- She makes subtle eye contact with you

An obvious sign of flirting is when a woman makes eye contact with you. When a woman looks in your direction and lets her eyes linger on you, then she's showing a somewhat aggressive sign of flirting.

Unlike other flirting cues, making eye contact is not so subtle way to show attraction. So if you see this sign, then you definitely know a woman is into you.

Flirting Sign #3- She checks you out

Believe it or not, women love to check out guys. They're just a little more subtle then most men.

A great way to detect if a woman is checking you out, is to see if she gives you the 'vertical scan'.

The vertical scan is when a woman will look at your face and then move her eyes from her feet to your heard. When a woman does this it means she's discovered something attractive about you and subconsciously wants to know more about you.

Flirting Sign #4- She'll takes a few seconds to preen

When a woman knows you've checking her out, she'll to her best to look good for you. Typically her actions will include preening and smoothing down her clothes/hair.

These actions are generally not a conscious thought. So she has little control over her demonstrating them. That means when you see them, you're getting an invitation to approach and start talking to her!

Flirting Sign #5- She opens herself up

Now once you've approached a woman, you need to look for classic signs of flirting. Then when you discover them, you'll be able to build instant attraction and rapport.

The first sign you should look for is if she "opens herself up" when you're talking.

Typically a woman will display an "openness" with her body language as a way to show attraction during a conversation. This is generally demonstrated with open body language like her arms spread and her wrists towards you.

Flirting Sign #6- She strokes her body

Another sign of flirting is when a woman strokes her neck or touches her hair. Also she might touch even her thigh! These signs of flirting are great because they're giving a deep connection to what's on her mind.

When a woman touches certain areas of her body, she's usually imaging what you could be doing to them.

Flirting Sign #7- She draws closer to your body

When a woman draws closer to you during a conversation she's attempting to create more intimacy. In addition she might also lower her voice to make a deeper connection.

Both of these flirting signs show a major sign that she wants to be closer and know you better.

Flirting Sign #8- She'll look longingly at your face, especially your eyes and lips

When a woman looks longingly at your face, she's sending you a flirting signal that she wants to be kissed!

If you spy a woman glancing her eyes back and forth between your eyes and mouth, you're been giving a non-verbal invitation to kiss her. So when you see her doing this, act right away and...

Kiss her!

Then once you start kissing, you'll have taken that crucial step towards making things more intimate.

Now if you know how to look for all 8 of these signs of flirting, you'll always be able to know when a woman is interested in you. As a result, it'll be easy to build attraction, and work towards creating intimacy.

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