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Fashion For Less: 3 Ways To Look Great For Less

Your fashion style defines you. Think about a trip to the mall. You see hundreds of people that you don't know. But, what is your first impression of them? For example, let's say a lady walks toward you wearing a very nice blazer and suit set. She has her hair and make up done and looks good. You think she's a professional. If someone walks towards you in jeans that are baggy and she is wearing a dull tshirt, hair pulled back and no makeup, what do you think? Not the same thing although you have no idea who each of them is. Fashion defines you but that doesn't mean it has to make you broke.

To help you to look put together and great, consider these three tips to help you to do it for much less.

1. Purchase clothing with plans for it. Don't head out and purchase an outfit that can only go together. Instead, purchase clothing that is interchangeable. A white tank that can work under a blazer jacket, with a pair of slacks with a pattern or can be worn with a cute skirt in your closet will allow you to do more and get more looks for less.

2. Always purchase for quality over name brands. Most of us have no idea what an Armani suit looks like in comparison to another brand. What we see and notice is the quality of the material and the way that it fits your body. Instead of looking for name brands, consider clothing that is well made that will look great and last a lifetime.

3. Some things never go out of style. That cute little black dress, the dressy slacks with a pleat and the standard skirt are just a few examples. Have these in your closet and use them. But, make them stand out. Make sure you select items that will cause a punch of color or will enhance the way something else looks. If you go for all trendy clothing, you'll have to replace it every season. If you have a few pieces that are good old stand bys, you can purchase just a couple of pieces each season and still look amazing in your fashion sense.

What is your style? What fashion tip can you bring to the table that will have you looking great, feeling amazing and saving money? There are many ways that you can have it all!

Antonio M. Pilato is a contributing writer at FashionSenseStyles.com where you can find more articles about clothes and accessories.
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