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Little Black Dress - The Best Look And Best Deals Part 1

The little black dress is probably the most versatile and stylish garment you can have in your wardrobe and every women should have at least one

It's the one garment suitable for every occasion and great for when you are undecided about what you should wear.

If you have the right dress (and it doesn't have to cost a fortune) you can simply accessorize and look stunning.

Let's look at the little black dress in more detail. In part 2 of this article we will look at the best deals and looks for now lets look at it generally

Fashionable since 1926

Coco Chanel bought us the little black dress in 1926 and it has become a universal symbol of timeless style.

A fashion must for every women, the appeal of the little black dress is timeless

Other fashions and styles go by the wayside but the little black dress has remained an essential article of women's clothing for 90 years and never wanes in popularity.

Here are five tips to make the most of your dress

1. Identify your key assets and exploit them

You can draw attention to your back, shoulders arms, breasts or legs.

Pick a dress that shows them off. For example, a shorter dress if you have great legs or a plunging neckline to emphasize your breasts

2. Choose a dress that's comfortable and fits well.

Your little black dress should allow you to move and sit comfortably. A knee-ish length dress slightly above, or just below the knee and sleeveless is a great choice.

3. Choose a well made dress. Good choices are:

Light wool or silk crepe with a comfortable lining.

The lining has the advantage of smoothing your figure and will give you the look of a perfect fit.

4. Use the 3-1 ratio

Three parts conservative and one part daring in your look.

A daring touch would be something like, a low cut back, a plunging neckline, or a slit in the side. Always remember with a back dress bare legs or sheer hose are a must

5. Accessorize

The little black dress can then really come to life you giving you a backdrop to paint upon and stamp your individuality

A bracelet, a choker, earrings or high heels with a slim matching bag (no slouchy bags please!) will add the final touch.


A Little Black Dress is not just for evening wear, it can equally be worn to work.

Wearing your dress with a blazer or sweater is a great look for work or an important interview and is both classy and serious.

Your dress can also go on holiday with you or can be worn anytime you can't think what to wear - it's the height of versatility.

The little black dress suits all women simply because it doesn't draw attention to itself - It allows you to add a stunning individual look on to what is a true timeless classic.

Every girl needs one read about the best deals and looks in part two of this article.

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