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A Review of Women's Shoes

Shoes have basically one purpose - protection. Protecting the feet from cold, heat and other atmospheric elements. Basically footwear was developed centuries ago to keep man's feet from being injured. This fundamental purpose is overshadowed when it comes to womens shoes. It all flies out the window in favor of fashion.

Cancel all that talk about protecting your feet. Any old shoe that you throw on will do this in a relatively competent way. However womens shoes go way above and beyond offering just protection for the feet. They serve a greater purpose that can only possibly be truly understood by the fairer of the species.

I'm not suggesting that men don't have your appreciation of womens shoes. Many men are wild about a nice set of stilettos or that unbelievable pair of high-heeled boots. I guess that's where the term foot fetish comes in. The attractiveness of womens shoes is a two-way street. Many women of course, by shoes with this specifically in mind.

On the other hand, I do not want for a minute pretend that men really understand what in the world is going on with their female counterparts when it comes to footwear. There is something very special about womens shoes that draws a lady to the store regardless of the fact of whether she needs them or not. And the majority of cases she probably doesn't.

However, she probably feels like she does. She can tell you that precious few things really replaces the feeling of locating the perfect pair of pumps in just the right shade of burgundy that matches the scarf that's been sitting in the bottom of her dresser drawer. The scarf no doubt, was purchased knowing that there must be a perfect match in women's shoes somewhere in the universe that she had to seek out.

It may take many years to find these perfect shoes to match that scarf, but it will be worth the wait. One fine day the designers of womens shoes will come through and match that scarf. Besides, the girl is in the hunt anyway. The hunt takes awhile, but nothing worthwhile comes easy. This may not be understood by most men, who seemed to have the market cornered on impatience.

As I said before, the great appeal womens shoes is shopping for them. The footwear represents that final touch, that one detail that says, "I've got it together." They say it all, I have style I have class I have taste.

Or maybe it is something altogether different. Come to think of it, I like to buy womens shoes because they are the one solitary item in the whole store I know will fit. I find them to be loyal even if I pack on a few pounds. I'm always a size seven when it comes to womens shoes.

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