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Shoe Misfits - Pain And Punishment

Picking the wrong shoe can bring about a host of foot problems. There is a solution, picking shoes that are more suitable to your foot structure can bring about relief and less foot stress. Jaleh Hoorfar, DPM has stated "Pain in your feet is good; it's an early warning system that tells you to address it." But, what are some of the things that could bring about foot pains.

One could be cramming your feet into small or narrow shoes. Doing this could cause a benign growth of nerve tissue between the third and forth toes. This problem is called neuromas. A way of knowing if you suffer from this is your feet may have tingling and numbness in the ball of the foot or their may be a sharp shooting of pain.

Another problem that could cause foot pain is wearing flats that don't have a lift at all. Lift is needed to five supports to your lower ankle and foot. Just having a one inch hell will give enough support to prevent calf muscles from becoming weak and over stretched.

How about wearing shoes that are too tight? This is definitely a no-no. As said in the beginning of this article, pain is not your friend. If there is pain then there is a problem Pain is just the first indicator then come all the foot problems. Shoes that are brought to small will not stretch and conform to your feet. Just stay away from this idea. Its not a good one and it will not payoff in the end.

Try to mix up your shoes by wearing a different pair every day. This helps to not put repeated pressure on the same area. Just this one step could prevent misalignment problems that cause irritation.

Now that we know what can cause foot pain. What are some of the effects of prolonged foot pain? One could be bunions. Bunions are enlarged, misaligned big toe joints. Another is calluses or corns. This occurs when the body tries to protect itself by thickening the skin around heavily repeated pressure areas where friction occurs.

Prevention of these problems starts by one discontinuing wearing shoes that are too small. Two, one could wear thin gel inserts for greater comfort. When wearing gel inserts pay special attention to inserts that support the ball of the foot on high heels. Another suggestion would be to wear a smaller heel. Three inches is the limit. Wearing small heels make since because they don't put to much pressure on the heel and sole.

These are just a few suggestions to help you maintain healthy feet. I hope this helps.

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