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Five Easy Ways to Update Your Wardrobe

It's another one of those nights. The kind where you desperately search through your closet, only to hopelessly utter: "I have nothing to wear." Even if you've spent years channeling Audrey Hepburn by filling your wardrobe with timeless pieces, it still seems like you need a major shopping spree every month to keep from repeating this dreaded moment. But repeat no more. Add these five items to your closet and you won't have to use the word "spree" when referring to your last shopping trip.

A cinched belt.
If your closet is filled with collared shirts for work or plain jersey dresses just waiting for something to wake them up, cinch a belt around your waist to instantly create a flattering, updated took. You can't go wrong with a thin metallic belt or a black patent leather number. One tip to remember: keep the belt around your waist. Any lower and you are entering the low slung territory, a trend which we have thankfully departed from. So long sloppy boho.

Opaque tights.
Your little dress that hasn't seen the light of day since Clinton declared "I did not inhale" is just waiting to emerge. Now's the time to bring back your hibernating collection of mini-dresses and skirts by pairing them with an opaque tight. Be worry-free knowing that they'll give you an extra layer of warmth and help hold in any spots you'd rather not expose. Just make sure to steer clear of nude tights-never a do unless you're at a bingo tournament. Also, avoid a Molly Ringwald flashback and refrain from wearing an off-the-shoulder top with cropped tights and over-the-top accessories. It wasn't particularly cute then, and it isn't now.

Patent leather anything.
A patent leather shoe, belt or clutch will instantly infuse some shine back into your wardrobe; just don't wear all three at once! Try combining a basic work pant with colored patent leather pumps to mix up drab office attire. In search of an evening look? Red patent peep-toes always make for a fun night out.

Wide-leg trousers.
Although more and more people are converting to the skinny jean, don't throw out your wide-leg trousers just yet. Skinny jeans will still be a staple in spring, but tailored trousers are ready to make a comeback too. Demure, French-inspired blouses look great tucked into these pants and if you don't have a romantic, lightly ruffled shirt, any blouse will do. Finish off the outfit with a strappy heel or even some metallic flats.

Refurbished boots.
You have them in your closet: a quality pair of black leather knee-high boots. Even though jeans worn over boots will always be classic, give your pair the attention they deserve and wear them with a skirt or wrap dress. The move immediately contemporizes your style and allows you to show off just enough leg. Remember, though, that your boots may need to take a visit to the shoe repair shop. You want them polished and clean because scuffs and cracks were fine when they were hidden under a layer of denim, but not anymore. If you're feeling really daring, try pairing ankle boots with opaque tights and a graphic mini-dress. Worried you're too Edie Sedgewick? The swinging 60s is what 2007 trends are all about.

These simple buys will update what you've already got without having to tap into your new-purse fund. The real lesson here? Don't ditch your staple pieces. Who knows what you'll be paring with your cream cashmere sweater next season.

This article was originally published on http://www.savvymiss.com, a free website community dedicated to connecting, empowering and informing women everywhere. SavvyMiss.com features articles on dating, love, careers, fashion, health, beauty and important societal issues. Members also use message boards and blogs to build relationships with other members.
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