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Stressed Out - Fight Office Stress

Are you stress or stress pushed you into the danger zone?

In today's working atmosphere where there is intense competition everywhere, every body wants to be rich in few days and with less work.

Office is the place where everybody is stresses for his own reason, and if boss is stressed it means, may be whole office is on fire.

There are many reasons to be stressed, may be of person's own or created by someone else in his surroundings. But there is some remedies also:

Cause1 : Your boss throws you yet another report to write or pass an insane comments and you feel that your productivity crashes down.

Then what's the solution

We always underestimate our power as individuals to modify our environments. If you are in office, close the door and screen your calls.

Cause 2: You're suddenly assigned a new shift without notification, your manager just double your work load without giving a rise.

If you don't know what's going on, go on fact finding mission. The key is to be open and alert instead of complaining about what's wrong. If no one want to hear your idea change yourself. Instead of seeing yourself as a victim of Your job, think about the fact that you are doing this job so that you can pay your child's tuition fee.

Cause 3 : Your so is sick and you are going home for take care of him.
Priories your task and job. Analyse your schedule to see where time is being wasted.
But the point is what's sparkling the stress: is that too much of work? No recognition or rewards?

Difficult co-workers?
Unfair treatments?
May be you can handle the workload but your boss not treated you as per your expectation or perhaps you feel that you are not getting appropriate compensation.

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