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Top Herbal Remedies For The Common Cold

Although conventional remedies in the form of pharmaceutical medicines are what people are accustomed to using in curing their different ailments and diseases, there are other remedies that are readily available to us. One very common condition that people use pharmaceutical medicines for is the common cold, a minor condition that can afflict anyone.

When dealing with a minor condition, such as the common cold, aid can be sought from different herbal remedies that are just as effective as when using conventional pharmaceutical medicines. Although not all herbal remedies have the same effect on a person's body, they all function in the same way and for the same purpose, which is to remedy your cold. In order to know what herbal remedies to use, you must first know what the effects are of the different herbal remedies that you intend on using.

One herbal remedy that you can use is Echinacea, which is commonly used to combat your cold's symptoms and duration. It is usually taken from aerial parts of the plant, like the stems, leaves and the flowers, even the roots. Although Echinacea is not effective at preventing colds, it is however, more effective at stopping it once the cold has started.

The right dosage for using this type of herbal remedy in order for it to be effective is for you to take 3 or more grams of it per day at the first sign of your cold symptoms. The dose should be taken within 2-3 hours of each other everyday, reducing the dosage after a day or two for the following week.

Another herbal remedy that you can use to remedy your common cold is Echinilin, which is actually an Echinacea extract, but functions just a bit different. Echinilin actually stimulates the immune system to help your body combat the cold instead of suppressing the symptoms. It helps your immune system react to the invading virus afflicting your body. This can greatly decrease the severity of your sickness' symptoms and duration.

Different types of ginseng can also be used to remedy the common cold. Usually, different types of ginseng use different parts of the plant, like the roots and the leaves, in order to make the ginseng itself. It is commonly used when there is cough present, and is very useful in boosting or stimulating your immune system.

Another herbal remedy that can be used is the dried root of Astragalus. This traditional Chinese medicine is used to prevent the common cold by strengthening the immune system. Although there are capsule forms for this particular herbal remedy, the traditional way of preparing this is through decoction, wherein you boil the root in water and then removing it, using the broth as soup that you can drink. The dosage for this herbal remedy varies from person to person, usually increasing in amount if the person's immune system is compromised.

It is important to remember, however, that not everything that is ‘natural' is either safe or healthy. Some herbal remedies may interact with other pharmaceutical medicines and may cause unwanted side effects, so be sure to seek advice from your physician or herbalist first before taking anything.

Vanessa A. Doctor http://primeherbal.com

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