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Natural Remedies for Your Asthma

What Are Natural Remedies or Asthma?

Natural remedies are treatments which are completely natural. There are no added chemicals and they cause no side effects. They are not recognised like conventional medicine is because there has not been enough research showing that they work. However many people swear by them though it does depend entirely upon the severity of your asthma.

Do Natural Remedies Work For Asthma?

Many people say that natural remedies work really well for asthma. This is because whilst conventional medicine takes away the symptoms of asthma, it is only temporary. Natural remedies aim to prevent the symptoms instead and as you well know, preventing something is often better than controlling it.

There are herbal medicines for asthma including ‘BioVent' which aims to prevent as well as control asthma attacks. It is designed to help with chronic asthma and it is supposed to be taken daily. By improving your respiratory functioning it can really help to reduce the risk of attacks as it strengthens the immune system.

Of course the severity of your asthma will make a difference and when you first feel an attack coming on you should use something called ‘Bronchosoothe'. Basically Bronchosoothe is used to open up the bronchioles and relieve your tight chest. It also helps you to breathe a lot better and provides quick relief. It mainly helps to reduce asthma attacks from allergic reactions as well as cold air.

Another way to naturally control your asthma is by knowing what triggers it off. Often it could be that your allergies set it off and so by knowing that you could avoid whatever it is that sets your asthma off. So create a journal of your triggers and that will really help.

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day is also said to help as is adding Vitamin C to the diet. Vitamins control our body and keep it healthy and by adding more certain ones to the diet you can control all health problems.

Overall there are a number of natural ways in which you can control and prevent your asthma. It helps to know your triggers so that you can prevent the attacks beforehand. However if you cannot always predict what sets off your asthma then there are some remedies to help to control the symptoms of asthma and to help you breathe easy again. They can and do work and they are certainly worth trying if you do suffer from asthma.

Alexia Porter has created numerous articles health and well-being. To learn more about Asthma relief, management and diagnosis visit http://www.asthmauncovered.com
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