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How to Prevent Yeast Infections

Believe it or not yeast does not technically invade our body as some of us seem to think. In fact a large amount of them thrive, happily, in various parts of our body without causing any trouble. It is only when this yeast population swells beyond the normal bounds that they turn into a bother. As some would say a yeast infection is a result of an imbalance between good and bad bacteria. It's the old yin-yang rule. Our body contains both good and bad bacteria, but if the bad bacteria exceed the good bacteria then soon trouble begins. This trouble is what we lovingly call ‘infection'.

Yeast infections can appear on any moist, mucous laden area of the body, be it the mouth the vagina, the intestinal tract or various skin folds. It can also appear in your baby's little bum as diaper rash! So as you will no doubt understand there is no escaping this little menace for anybody, no matter what your age, sex, creed or color. It's really up to you to save yourself from this dreaded, disgusting disease. Let us begin the crusade.

First things first, to nip the little nuisance right at the bud know what causes it. Following is a little list causes,

- Excess weight

- Extensive use of medications such as antibiotics and even oral contraceptive pills

- Diabetes

- Pregnancy

- Weak immune system

Now that you know why it happens you might as well know that 3 out of every 4 women in the world experience some sort of yeast infection (usually vaginal) during her life. Many of them suffer more than others due to recurrent bouts of infection. So if you are to keep yourself away from yeast you have to work hard girl.

Rules on How to Prevent Yeast Infections

Rule #1: Stick to cotton panties. Lycra and nylon maybe sexy but they are also yeast-appealing. If you are going to slip in a panty hose, wear it over a cotton panty (and not over a bare crotch!)

Rule #2: DO NOT use petroleum-based lubricants during sex. If vaginal dryness is an issue try out water based lubricants for equally great results.

Rule #3: It won't cure your yeast infection but a cup of yogurt sure will help you check any future yeast infection problem.

Rule #4: Stay away from perfumed bath products or powders. Even if you do use them keep them miles away from your vaginal area. Most of these products cause irritation leading to infection.

If you suspect yeast infection quickly rush to your physician before it becomes a serious problem. Please do not try to fix it by yourself because various other diseases including many STD's have the same symptoms. Even after your treatment has been successful yeast infections might quickly return since it is impossible to expel yeast completely from any of the natural deposits in the body (listed above). So be on your guard and continue all the hygiene treatments your doctor advises you to follow.

For more tips on how to prevent yeast infections and other information on Vaginal Yeast Infection Symptoms, visit http://www.vaginalyeastinfectionsymptoms.com
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