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Eighties Party - If Going Back to The 80's Is Something You Want To Do, Use These Tips To Help You

If you are an eighties lady or just a fan of the clothes and music you saw on Miami Vice, an eighties party could be a great choice for a party! A blast from the past can often be the perfect choice for, say…an anniversary party for someone who met in the eighties to allow them to step back in time to the days when their love was new.

A great idea is to invite friends and family to dress the part, and bring along a snapshot of the happy couple-just a piece of time gone by, a remembrance of yesterday. Have a blank photo album where the photos can be placed, and pens and paper, so that guests can look at the photographs, and write a little about memories the photographs evoke. This is sure to become a treasured heirloom in the years to come, and your time spent in building a treasured memory for tomorrow, will never feel like wasted time.

Attire for the party can be found in the backs of closets or in thrift and second hand stores. Baggy sweatshirts, leggings, jelly shoes and jelly or slap bracelets, punker wigs, and big hair of the eighties easily round out the partywear in an authentic eighties manner. Eighties trivia, eighties games like "Name that tune" where theme songs from popular eighties television shows test your memory, and dancing to hits from bands like Heart, Foreigner, Journey, or Cher. Throw in some Rubic's cubes, some break dancing "competitions" and your blast from the past is sure to be a hit.

Upturn various period hats and place bowls of veggie dip, salsa, and small crock pots of cheese dip, bowls of chips and popcorn, and plenty of drinks, to nourish the masses, and your eighties party is a great way to step back in time!

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