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Under the Sea Fishy Water Party Game Ideas to Make a Splash

If your little mermaid is looking forward to her Under the Sea party here are a few ideas for splash-tastic Under the Sea party games. You can use these as a start for planning a great Under the Sea party.

Giant Bubble Blowing Contest Under the Sea Party Game

The first thing you will need to make is the magical bubble juice and the bubble wand. For the wand you'll need a wire clothes hanger, bent into a circle. The more perfect the circle the better the bubbles will be. Twist the hook away from the circle so it can be used as a handle, and wrap it with electrical tape to cover the sharp ends. Wrap the circle in cotton twine so it can absorb more bubble juice so you can make bigger bubbles. Mix water, liquid dish soap and glycerin together and stir with a wire whisk. Let this mixture needs to sit for 24 hours. Depending on what size bubbles you want to create, pour the mixture into a large pan, or buckets. You can have different prizes for different categories of bubble making. The biggest bubble, the longest lasting bubble, the funniest bubble and so on. Prizes can be anything at all, but I suspect a seashell necklace would be a big hit!

Landlubber Relay Race Under the Sea Party Game

This is just like a relay race, except your guests are wearing swim flippers, face masks and snorkels! The racers have to switch out the flippers, face mask and snorkel instead of passing a baton. Make sure every one understands the rules about just how "dressed" they have to be!

These Under the Sea game ideas are just a start; with a bit of creativity, other games can easily be adapted to suit. Your little mermaid and her friends are sure to have a wonderful time!

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