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Make Your Girl's Birthday Party A Celebration Fitting For A Princess

If you are a parent of a little girl who believes she is a princess, the best time to indulge her royal fantasy is to treat her like one during her birthday. If you decide to have your girl become a little princess on her birthday then, here are several birthday party ideas to put together.

Set the stage for your princess' court

1. You can have a castle decorated with balloons and streamers painted in pastel colors

2. Cover the chairs to be used for the party with swatches of pink fabrics. It may depend on the favorite colors of your little girl. Tie a large bow across the backs of the chairs using tulle.

3. Set the party table with table clothes colored pastel yellow with matching pink napkins. It will make a pretty picture to bind the napkins with a ribbon bow of yellow color.

4. In your "royal invitation" tell your little girl's guests to don their prettiest dresses

Activities for the princess celebrant and her royal guests during the party

1. As each of your little princess' guests arrive, give them a little feather boa to wound around their shoulders. You can also give them colorful plastic jewelries that you can purchase at some party shops.

2. You can begin the birthday party with a handicraft activity. Purchase some solid colored, cone party hats and an array of assorted gems, feathers and confetti that can be stuck on the hats. Have the girls create their own hats with these.

3. You can have several variations of parlor games played in the princesses' version, like "Pass the frog" for "hot potato", "Pin the shoe" and "Princess May I?", a rather royal twist on the game, "Mother, May I?"

4. Have a piñata filled with chocolate golden coins and other princess treasures and designed with rainbow colors. During the party, the princess can release the treasures inside to eat or take home.

5. For food and refreshments, it is best to be consistent by decorating and shaping the sandwiches, cookies and jellies into hearts and stars. Lemonade is a preferable drink and as a finale, a Cake with a Princess Castle.

To learn more birthday party ideas, visit http://www.birthdaypartyideas101.com
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