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Office Party Games to Break the Ice and Have Great Party

If you're worried about having another uptight party with your colleagues from the office, party games can break the ice. Here are a few fun and interesting ideas for office party games that will really liven up your next work function; they are especially good at larger functions where not everyone will know each other.

"Snowman" Office Party Game

Once the guests have arrived, the rules of this game are explained. One person is discreetly selected as the ‘snowman'; at some point during the party, they have to freeze completely in the middle of whatever they're doing at the time. As other people notice, they have to freeze also. The last person to notice what's going on and freeze like everyone else loses, and becomes the next ‘snowman'. This office party game is sure to raise plenty of laughs, especially if people are halfway through a sentence when they have to freeze!

"Lie Detector" Office Party Game

This office party game is great for colleagues who don't know each other very well, or who think they do when they might not! Guests assemble in a circle or around a table, and someone is nominated as the score-keeper. Players go around the circle, taking turns to tell one true statement and 2 lies about themselves. After each player's turn, the other players must vote on which of the statements was truthful. The true statement is then revealed, with the player awarded one point for every incorrect guess. When all players have had a turn, the person with the highest score is awarded the title of best liar in the office!!

Office party games can be a great way for colleagues to unwind, get to know each other better and have a great time together. Using these ideas as a starting point, there are plenty of other games you could include to make the occasion enjoyable.

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