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Arrgghh Ye Ready For a Pirate Party Matey?

With the Pirates of the Caribbean movie trilogy, pirate parties are more popular than ever. Pirates make for a fun and easy theme for any boy's birthday party.

Clever invitations for a pirate party would be written as a treasure map and sent to all guests. While the map truly could be made up, adding directions to the party would be beneficial to parents transporting their kids.

A great party game for a pirate party would be to turn your backyard into a treasure hunt. Draw clues and place them around the yard. No need to dig a hole for buried treasure, print out a picture of a treasure chest and have the child bring that back to discover the prize. Or if your backyard is equipped with a sandbox, bury a couple treasure chests in there so the kids can dig and find them. Just remember how many you buried so you can go back and find them later!

Have the adults dress up in standard pirate outfits for the pirate party. Kids love it when the adults get in on the fun. These costumes can easily be made with a horizontal striped shirt, bandana and black pants. For parents with pierced ears have them put on one large hoop earring, and for those without a clip on earring will also be a great find. Invite other parents who are attending to dress up as well.

Have your little Jack Sparrow crowing after you throw him the best pirate party in town!

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