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How to Plan a Themed Birthday Party

It is common to use a theme when planning a birthday party. A theme can help to make organizing and planning the party so much easier.

The first step in using a theme for a birthday party is to choose the theme. In some cases it may be simple to choose a theme because you can base it upon your child's interests. For example, if there is a certain cartoon character your child loves then use that as a theme.

If you are struggling with choosing a theme you may want to use a simple theme. For example, a circus theme. Another option is to use the birthday child's age as the theme - such as for a three year old, you could revolve the party around the number 3.

Once you have chosen the theme you can then begin applying your theme to the party planning.

You are going to need to gather your supplies and plan out your food and activities. The general idea with a theme is to keep it as the main focus for every aspect of the party, so choose your supplies based upon your theme.

You should choose supplies that are related to your theme. Keep in mind, though, that you can save a lot of money by using some items that match the theme's general color scheme instead of being actual theme items. For example, for a party with a Barbie theme, you can also use pink items. This can save a lot of money.

You will want to choose some main themed items, like the invitations, goodie bags and a few décor items, like the table cloth and balloons. However, as mentioned you can save costs by buying some color coordinating items instead, so you can buy one bag of themed balloons and one bag of colored balloons so you have a lot of balloons, but for far less cost.

Activities can be related to the theme. In some cases this makes planning activities very easy. If you have a circus theme, for example, you can hire a clown, play games like bean bag toss and pin the tail on the donkey. It is okay, though, if not all your activities match your theme.

The food can also go along with the theme. If you are having a Mexican theme then serve Mexican foods. It is not necessary that all food matches the theme, but at least the cake should match the theme.

It can be very fun to come up with ideas about how to incorporate a theme into the different aspects of a birthday party. It is all about being creative. Once you choose your theme you should sit and brainstorm a bit about everything you can do with your theme.

Having a theme for a birthday party will help you be able to choose your supplies, activities and foods easily. You can follow the theme as much or as little as you like. There really are no rules, except that you should have fun with your theme and be creative.

Planning a birthday party need not to be stressful. If you want to know how you can organize a party within a week you can visit Joseph Then's website on Planning a Themed Birthday Party
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