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Princess Party Games are Royal Fun

Every girl dreams of being a princess and what better way is there to give your girl the royal treatment than by throwing her a Princess Party? These party games will help the princess at your princess party be the belle of the ball.

Snooping for the Slipper
Cinderella has lost her slipper!! Scatter fairy tale objects like tiaras, beads, candy, and one glass slipper throughout a room or backyard. Hand each guest a basket or crown purchased at a party store and tell them whoever finds the most loot in five minutes wins! Each player gets to keep the candy they found in the kingdom and the winner who finds the slipper gets to be first in line for snacks or cake!

Princess Says
This game has a princess twist to the infamous game Simon Says. Start with the birthday girl as the Princess. Have all the guests line up and when the Princess commands "Princess Says take three steps" each guest must take three steps. Have the Princess repeat commands like these. When the Princess commands a task without saying "Princess says" and a guest performs that act she is out of the game. The winner is the guest who is last to stay in the game and gets to be Princess in the next round of the game.

Use these games for at the next Princess party. After these games are played at the Princess Party all royal subjects will be enjoying their trip around the kingdom!

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