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Slumber Parties Rolling Out The Blankets And Pillows

If you are considering a birthday party for your son, the all boys version of a slumber party, commonly called a back yard sleep out, is always a lot of fun for everyone! So, if you think slumber parties are just for girls, think again!

It is best to plan sleep over parties for relatively small groups, and it is important to always have adequate supervision, so never hesitate to enlist the aid of older, responsible siblings or other parents. Outdoor sleepovers generally work out very well for most boys, but be sure to have a contingency plan, because they sometimes move indoors. One way to keep the party outdoors is to have plenty of activities, plenty of flashlights from dollar shops, and adequate supervision while allowing enough freedom for the guys to feel all grown up and independent.

Set up several inexpensive pup tents or one large tent (and maybe a small tent for yourself, depending on the level of supervision you want to provide) If your yard is not fenced, use caution tape and four large barrels or trash cans to rope off the party area while providing receptacles for trash during the party. Have watering stations throughout the party area, and be sure to have approximately twice the amount of beverages you think you will need. Good choices are big, igloo coolers with Gatorade, soft drinks, or water, and disposable cups. That way, the ice is contained, the lawn will not be littered with half empty cans, and there is plenty to drink.

Supervising kids creating their own dinner can be a good way to minimize the fuss for yourself, and kids usually actually end up eating foods they have made themselves. Assembling sandwiches, or serving premade sandwich lunches are great ways to involve the kids. Be certain to have plenty of snacks and set out serve yourself breakfast items after lights out, so that guests can serve themselves as they wake up. Items like fruit, muffins, and bagels and juice boxes are great choices.

Activities are scavenger hunts, flashlight tag, and paint ball tag, and other such activities are always a hit. Just be sure to hang lanterns for after hours activities and to banish the spookies, and your all boy slumber party is going to be a success!

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