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Importance Of A Best Friend For Relationships

From the time of elementary school, we have all found ways to define our relationships with other people. For some, this meant telling another one that they were your best friend, or that you would be friends forever. What was the significance of this definition, not only in having to define what a best friend was, but also in showing who your best friend should be?

Having best friends has been defined in our society because of the need to make connections to other people on deeper levels. When something goes wrong in your life, you can turn to a best friend first in order to get things straight again. No matter what is happening, a best friend becomes important because of their ability to reach you on levels that others may not have been able to.

According to several psychologists, it has been stated that a best friend is one who can help with behavioral and personality development. This specifically means that those who were able to connect to others often would find themselves benefiting on several levels. The first was in ways of expressing themselves with what was occurring. The response was often a mutual expression or respect. The overall abilities of the individuals were a creation of understanding of behaviors and personal needs, allowing the other person to grow and develop new levels of importance.

On the lowest level of understanding a best-friend is the requirement that most will define friendship by. This means that there is a mutual exchange of doing things for each other. However, this is a lower interpersonal understanding of interactions between the two individuals. The importance of a best friend moves beyond this commitment of support and the need to do things for the other person.

Beyond this physical need for friendship are also emotional and mental exchanges that are known to be important for a friendship. Having the ability to connect on these deeper levels, by opening up to another person, releasing different energies, and creating mutual feelings of expression give those who are in a friendship the ability to explore what is occurring through different levels of understanding.

For those that understand that life is not perfect, a best friend can often come in handy to balance out situations. Typically, a best friend will not be afraid to jump in at the site of danger or downfall in order to lift the other person back to their feet and push them into the area that is needed. By defining a best friend, this particular job description of having the "other person's back" is automatically understood as part of the partnership that is being built.

In order to be a best friend, or to define a best friend, it is important to understand what is needed as well as what you should do in the relationship. Typically, it is said that best friends are not found on words alone, but also on the actions that show the intent of the person. Best friends are then defined not by needing this definition, but instead by demonstrating loyalty, positive regard, honesty and support.

Having a best friend in any kind of relationship, whether it be with a loved one or an acquaintance allows for new demonstrations of exploration on personal and behavior levels to be met. It also allows for levels of expression and openness to be a stronghold in the relationship. The difference between an acquaintance and a best friend is the commitment, loyalty and strength that are provided. Whether it is your dog or your partner, having a best friend is one of the strongest connections that can be made.

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