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Building Wonderful Friendships

1. Keep your friends in mind and ask them how you can help them.

2. Listen to friends in their hour of need and listen to them anyway.

3. Check with them on a regular basis; find out how they are doing.

4. Asking about the welfare of friends' children is a wonderful way to be a great friend.

5. Be open and honest.

6. Sit with them in silence when that is what they need most.

7. Be accepting of friends when they wish to reinvent themselves, after all people rarely stay the same forever and ever.

8. Sometimes friends just need a hand to hold.

9. Send a card of friendship completely out of the blue.

10. Send `thinking about you' texts/emails.

11. Unselfishly thinking of friends needs.

12. Friendship is about not being scared to let someone know you care.

13. Let harsh words be placed in shifting sand, to disappear almost as quickly as they are aired.

14. Forgiveness.

15. Saying a prayer for a friend, especially when they are not able to say one for themselves.

16. Act playfully in thought and deed.

17. True friendship is taking the rough with the smooth.

18. Trust is integral to a great friendship.

19. Receiving a call in the middle of the night from a distressed friend and doing so willingly with grace and good humour.

20. Friendship is based on kindness and understanding.

21. Time enables friendships to flourish even more deeply.

22. Offer shelter from life's blistering storms.

23. Heap praise on your friends, it's a way to help them grow.

24. Friendships are a place where everything can be shared because you know there is no chance of betrayal.

25. Develop a sixth sense about when your friends might be in trouble and make contact with them so they know you are thinking about them.

26. Hold out a higher standard for your friends than they may hold out for themselves and remind them what they are capable of.

27. Say sorry first, no point in point scoring.

28. Make promises and keep them.

29. Give a hug just because you are great friends and you want to deepen that friendship.

30. Defend your friends against people who gossip about them.

31. Listen to and hear the feelings behind the words.

32. Sometimes, it's best to walk hand in hand with your friend as opposed to in front or behind.

33. Be really grateful you have the friends you have.

34. Expect everything and nothing at the same time, in that place it is possible to be unconditional.

35. Don't give advice, as appropriate.

36. Give advice, as appropriate.

37. Show compassion.

38. It's really important to give friends permission to make a fool of themselves, particularly when they know you will be there for them and be on `their side'.

39. Even when your friend is pushing you away, stay close, to let them know you care.

40. Surprise them.

41. Give, without expecting anything in return.

42. Show yourself to be friendly.

43. Learn about the goals and aspirations of your friends.

44. Develop skills for managing conflicts that might arise.

45. Know when to give your friend space and leave them with their own thoughts.

46. Organise a support group that meets regularly.

47. Take time out - weekends away.

48. Give a comforting hug.

49. Recognise when you are needed and when your absence would be the best course of friendship at that particular moment in time.

50. Add your own ideas to this list.

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