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Friend - A Relationship Which Is Inevitable

Your friend is the man who knows all about you and still likes you.

-Elbert Hubbared,writer

Relationship is a resource. To manage those relationships, one has to build, nurture and maintain. It is important to manage because it converts in to many other resources.

Relationships are of two types.

1) Ascriptive Relationship: Individual does not have influence and / or control on forming relationship.

e.g. Parents, Brother, Sister, etc.
2) Acquired Relationship: Individual have influence and / or control on forming relationship. e.g. Friends, Husband or wife, In-Laws, Organizational and Professional Relationships.

In traditional society, all relationships are ascriptive. In modern society, all relationships are acquired. For e.g. In Indian society, if two friends are closer, they say, you are like my brother or sister. But in American Society, if two brothers or two sisters are closer, they say we are like best friends. Acquired relationships can be changed but ascriptive relationships cannot.

To build or nurture relationship, there are two processes involved. One is initiative and other is response. One has to take initiative in building or nurturing relationship and other has to respond to it. Otherwise it will be one sided friendship and will not last long. Both the parties should be interested in nurturing and building the relationship. For nurturing relationship you need caring and sharing through intensive communication. So key to relationship is reciprocity- give and take.

Friendship is a term used to denote co-operative and supportive behavior between two or more humans. Friends are the most important among the relationships. Friends are those we chose according to our interests, likings. They share knowledge, esteem and affection.

Friends are those who:
♣ Help / guide you when ever it is required
♣ Advice you when you are committing mistakes
♣ Will console you in times of trouble
♣ Shares and doubles your happiness
♣ Drives you towards right path
♣ Gives you confidence when you lose temper
♣ Are approachable, caring, well wishers
♣ Will stand by you if you are in trouble

The extent of intimacy, affection and care with each other determines the nature of friendship, i.e. is he / she an acquaintance, friend, good friend or best friend. Though in busy work schedules, we may not find time to spend with our friends, we have to try to keep in touch with each other through any media of communication, once in a month (at least). It can be through mails, telephone or face to face. The friendship between two people will not last long if there is no proper understanding between them, if they don't take care of each other, if they don't trust each other. In this fast pace world, nobody finds time to nurture or maintain relationship because of their own commitments and obligations. It is very difficult to get a good friend in life. If you have one, never try to lose him or her.

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