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Basic Actions for Reconciliation of Friends

There is a sad tendency loosing touch with people as time goes by so older people seem to have less friends. Of course the reason of that is not death of people its more like time erases them from our hearts. The problem is that people just don't seem to try to save relationships or put at least any effort into saving them, of course it is much easier to let everything go itself and let friendship be ruined with time or distance. According to survey results the relationships which were acquired during college years are the strongest ones. Also it is estimated that separation of people is the most spread reason of depression, solitude and low level of life.

If two friends don't speak to each other for a long time and one of them wants to restore their relationships the first thing he has to do is analyzing what could bring them to that point. Everyone's character changes with time that's why normally friendship can't be perfect all the time. There can be very many reasons of break down like different points of view on important questions, moral principles, relationships with other people and their influence or simple a negative attitude caused with a bad mood. These reasons can be absurd and childish but situation gets very serious when it is anything connected with personal values or treachery. The starting point of connecting two people is finding major reasons of break down because further actions depend only on them.

After the causes were determined it's time to find right words and manner to motivate both sides to resolve their confrontation. A person needs to realize that it's not a time for finding mistakes or taking one's side, he has to think impartially and logically. It is of great importance to what was the biggest offense of each side and then use it during the conversation as a target to alter the conviction of the friends.

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